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Advertising Advice

Avoid making these common mistakes.

1. You forget the real reason you advertise.
Tip: To increase your sales and profits.

2. You don’t have specific objectives for your advertising.
Tip: Be specific, decide on measurable objectives.

3. Your advertising is written for the wrong people.
Tip: Create your advertising for potential buyers – not suspects.

4. You worry about whether people will "like" your advertising.
Tip: Your not in a popularity contest. Worry about if it will be seen, read, and believed by people. It must be informative and persuasive enough to get them to act.

5. You confuse "attractive" advertising with "effective" advertising.
Tip: Advertising is more effective if it looks "newsy" not "addy."

6. You equate “creativity” with advertising effectiveness.
Tip: An advertisement which offers a simple solution to the reader’s problem will be substantially more costeffective than one with a dazzling creative concept.

7. You think biggest is best.
Tip: You need the most cost effective unit you can buy to achieve your goals. Smaller more frequent advertising may be more effective.

8. You create advertising to solve your problem – not the reader's problem.
Tip: Remember that the reader is concerned with their problem not yours. Evaluate how you include competitors.

9. Your advertising fails to start with its 'big gun'.
Tip: The advertisement is your sales presentation. It should say something very important, very quickly.

10. You talk product features instead of customer benefits.
Tip: Your customer wants to know what your product or service will do for them. Product features (glossy paint) are not product benefits (durable,
scratch-resistant, washable, etc.).

11. You forget to establish the NEED for what you’re selling.
Tip: Explain why the reader needs your product.

12. You say it — but don’t prove it.
Tip: "Fluff" doesn’t sell. Use case histories and testimonials to support your claims.

13. You spend your money on advertising that’s funny, cute or clever.
Tip: You’re not in show business to entertain. You’re in business to sell.

14. You don’t seek tangible, measurable results from your advertising.
Tip: Get something in your advertising to attract a response so you can measure the effectiveness of each ad in each publication.

15. You don’t like "long copy."
Tip: Your advertisement should attract a potential buyer. They need information to make a buying decision.

16. You’re concerned with style instead of content.
Tip: Does your ad have information that may stop someone using a competitive product and start using yours?

17. You insist upon advertising that is "different."
Tip: Make sure your advertising informs and sells.

18. You fail to say immediately how you can benefit the reader.
Tip: Be direct. Get to the point.

19. You don’t understand the importance of the headline.
Tip: The right headline can attract the people who need the product your selling. Don’t use cute, clever or indirect headlines. Your ad will not be
read by the people who need your product.

20. You’re too 'advertising campaign' oriented.
Tip: Test to find out your most effective advertisement. Use that as a control until you develop a better ad to replace it.

21. You never think about WHY people read a publication.
Tip: To get news or information. If your advertising offers none – you’re in trouble.

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