Hass Entrepreneur of the Year Award

2018 Award

On Thursday, May 10th, at Hawks and Reed the Celebrating Entrepreneurs event honored the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year:

Chip and Sherry Hager, Kim and Aaron Stevens of Hager’s Farm Market

Business owners take big risks, work long hours and carry a lot on their shoulders.  Plus they enjoy working for themselves and interacting with customers who become good friends. Celebrating Entrepreneurs honors business owners who make our area the unique place we all call home. Hope and Olive’s Jim Zaccara created a custom Entrepreneurial beverage for the event, Bright Idea. Drinks were poured by our celebrity bartender, Greenfield Savings Bank President John Howland.  Music was provided by Jill Connelly, bass player Dave Christopolis (ED, Hilltown CDC) and pianist Dave Bartley. Delicious local food was provided by Hillside Organic Catering.

Enjoy a slideshow of the event (photos by Amy Shapiro)


The scene is set at Hawks & Reed in Greenfield for the 2018 Haas Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

The Hager Family arrives at the event in a limousine provided by Travel Kuz

Jill Connolly, with bass player Dave Christopolis, and pianist Dave Bartley provided music for the evening

Celebrity bartenders John and Phelicia Howland

Chip Hager

Food for the event was provided by Hillside Catering

The extended Hager family

Guests enjoying the event

AJ Bresciano and Gary Gruber (FCCDC Board Members)

Denise Coyne of Greenfield Savings Bank and friend

Guests enjoying the event

Natalie Blais, Executive Director of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce (co-sponsors of the event)

Judy Scherer and Liz Buxton of the FCCDC

Sherry and Chip Hager enjoy the event with friends

Kim Stevens of Hager's Farm Market

Current Franklin County Chamber Executive Director Natalie Blais toasts Hager's with former Executive Director Ann Hamilton

Rebecca Busansky of the FCCDC

Alan Singer of the FCCDC chats with Brianna Drohen of the Orange Innovation Center

Susan Worgaftik enjoying the event

The event in full swing

John Ward of the Solar Store (Greenfield), Nancy Hazard, and Claire Chang (FCCDC Board Member and the Solar Store)

Master of Ceremonies AJ Bresciano (FCCDC Board Chair and VP Commercial Loan Officer, Greenfield Savings Bank)

Greenfield Savings Bank President John Howland

Franklin County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Natalie Blais

Karen Gangne shares stories about Hager's

Chip Hager accepts the Haas Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Jon Gould, Hilltown Community Liaison for the Office of Senator Adam Hinds, presented Senate and House citations to Hager’s Farm Market

The Hager family with their award

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Celebrating Entrepreneurs celebrates the businesses that have made a difference in Franklin County. Previous winners have been the PV Squared Cooperative, Lisa Alber of Alber Hearing Services, Nan Parati of Elmer’s Store, Craig White and Bob Lindner of Hillside Organic Pizza, Karen Blom and Bruce Lessels of Zoar Outdoor, Molly and Van Wood of Small Corp, Alden Booth and Lissa Greenough of The People’s Pint.

2017 Award

2017 Haas Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Congratulations to our 2017 Entrepreneurs of the Year, PV Squared Solar! Since 2002, PV Squared has provided renewable energy solutions to businesses and homeowners in the Pioneer Valley and the surrounding regions. They have built their reputation on strong word of mouth, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding customer service.

PV Squared Staff












2016 Award

2016 Haas Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

The recipient of the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Award was Lisa Alber of Alber Hearing Services.



2015 Award

2015 Haas Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

The recipient of the 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year Award was The Elmer’s Store in Ashfield.




2014 Award

2014 Haas Entrepreneurs of the Year

The recipients of the 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Award were Craig White and Bob Lindner of Hillside Pizza. See a video about Craig and Bob

You gotta love these guys! They have helped groups raise over $325,000 since 2001, opened three restaurants in Deerfield, Bernardson and Hadley and also have a catering business. Aside from working with over 100 fundraisers a year, Hillside Pizza provides a workplace for students with autism from the Inspire School in Guildford , Vt.

2013 Award

2013 Haas Entrepreneurs of the Year

The recipient of the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year was Karen Blom and Bruce Lessels of Zoar Outdoor.


2012 Award

2012 Haas Entrepreneurs of the Year

The 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year award was presented to Molly and Van Wood of SmallCorp. Watch the video report from GC-TV







2011 Award

2011 Haas Entrepreneurs of the Year

On May 19, 2011, Alden Booth and Lissa Greenough, founders of The People’s Pint restaurant and brewery and The Gill Tavern, were named the recipients of the first annual Haas Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  John Waite, Franklin County CDC Executive Director, said Booth and Greenough “exemplify many of the traits a community wants in their business people. Their business is as much about delicious food and great beer as it is about community and respect for people and the environment.”


Dick Haas

Dick Haas

Our region depends on small business owners who take the risk to make our communities a desirable place to live and work. The Haas Award highlights positive examples of entrepreneurship based on years of hard work, community involvement and success.  Dick and Janet Haas, owners of Hillside Plastic founders of Sugarhill Containers were the inspiration for the award shape as their unique maple syrup jug.  The CDC is pleased to have honored our wonderful nominees for their hard work, dedication to our community, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Every year we ask for nominations from the community to honor an entrepreneur who meets the following criteria:

  1.  Franklin County business owner
  2.  Business employs at least 3 full time jobs and has been in business for five years or more
  3.  Entrepreneur has made a commitment to improve our community through
    -social responsibility
    -environmental sustainability
    -financial contributions
    – volunteer time