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Business planning involves collecting information and assessing the quality of its usefulness. Today we are bombarded with information from so many directions that filtering the essential information becomes a regular task. Planning a busienss takes being a "Jack or Jill of all trades." You can't know everything but you can think strategically. Networking with people creates an opportunity to receive a personal recommendation for suppliers, vendors, real estate opportunities, potential employees, professional consultants, sales leads, electricians, sign makers, the list is endless. Hearing from someone about the positive and negative will help you determine who is right for the job.

Networking groups can be beneficial to you, your business and also the community. There are all types of networking groups, for example the Chamber of Commerce, local business associations, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, Women's Business Organizations, Toastmasters, Business Networking International, Guilds and Trade Associations to name a few. Building business relationships creates a give and take that can take time to develop but in the end are rewarding.

How To Begin To Network

What do you seek to learn about? Sales leads, new suppliers?

Create a list of people you feel comfortable approaching for a referral. Prioritize that list in an order of most connected to least connected. Practice your asing on a friend or family member. Keep track of results and always say thank you.

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