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Promoting economic development through
entrepreneurship, providing opportunities for
sustaining local agriculture, and promoting
best practices for food producers
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Promoting economic development through  entrepreneurship, providing opportunities for  sustaining local agriculture, and promoting best practices for food producers

Research, Development & Prototyping

Are you an entrepreneur with a stellar recipe? Ready to commercialize and scale? The WFMPC offers prototyping services from November-May.

Schedule a trial run with our team. We will work with you to turn your recipe into a commercial formula, select appropriate packaging, generate a compliant label, and create a prototype of your product.


Are you an established business looking for co-packing support? We can help!

The WMFPC specializes in hot pack and hold processing for shelf-stable prepared and acidified foods. Additionally, we offer slow and individual-quick-freeze processing. If your food product doesn’t fit into these categories, please give us a call to discuss. If it does, please submit an interest form to connect with our team.


Turn your crops into value-added products!

The Western MA Food Processing Center can turn your crops into value added products. We offer 12 recipes for products that will feature your tomatoes, peppers, cukes, root veggies, apples and more! Farmers deliver the key ingredient(s) to Greenfield and the WMFPC team will process, bottle, label and pack for you. We provide bottle, lid, label and case. Farmers sell finished product at their farms stands, as part of CSA’s and in the wholesale market.

About Us

The Western MA Food Processing Center was created in 2001 to support new and growing food businesses as they navigate the path of bringing a food product to market. The WMFPC offers rental manufacturing space as well as co-packing services to food businesses in the commonwealth and beyond. We also work with local farms to make value-added products, like jams, sauces, pickles and purees. In addition to these services, our team also provides one-on-one counseling and technical assistance, supporting you with business planning, product development, regulatory compliance, food safety and more. Our mission is to promote economic development through entrepreneurship, provide opportunities for sustaining local agriculture, and promote best practices for food producers.

Our Team

Our Team
Liz Buxton

Director of Operations

413-774-7204 ext.110

Carlos Cardenales

Production Worker

Evan Manning

Warehouse and Packaging Lead

Kate Minifie

Food Entrepreneurship Program Manager

413-774-7204 ext.104

Jason Noyes

Production Shift Lead

Ary Rodriguez

Production Worker

Scott Savoie

Floor Supervisor

Meet our Entrepreneurs

Ahlbin’s Homemade

Fire Cider is a well-known traditional folk remedy used to aid our wellness. Ahlbin’s is a spicy infusion of raw apple cider vinegar with all sorts of healthful ingredients.
Visit Ahlbin’s website

Red Fire Farm

The mission of Red Fire Farm is to be a year-round local source for high quality food and garden plants grown at the farm using organic principles that result in safe food…
Visit Red Fire Farm’s Website


Naturally sweet ready-to-drink superfood teas give you the health benefits of East Asian superfoods. Light and refreshing, you can enjoy them on the go or at home.
Visit Bo-Yi’s Website

La Cebolla Roja

La Cebolla Roja is a small batch specialty food company specializing in making pickled red onions. The team believes that eating should be an event and food should be…
Visit La Cebolla Roja’s website

Top This

Carol Atwill has made a decadent fudge sauce for family and friends for years, using a recipe she perfected that was inspired by her mother.
Visit the Top This website

Vermont Quince

Vermont Quince is committed to using the highest quality ingredients in all our recipes. Thus, we have been using organic cane sugar, organic lemon and lime juices,
Visit Vermont Quince’s Website

Olive Table

Olive Table’s Mission is to provide extra virgin olive oil harvested with care, according to old world traditions, and processed to achieve excellence.
Visit Olive Table’s Website

The Plant Colors Group

Plant-based food coloring for use in chocolate and in frosting and icing containing butter, cream, cream cheese, and other fats.
Visit The Plant Colors Group’s website

Oxen Hill

As a family, Oxen Hill manages a USDA Certified Organic vegetable and flower farm that primarily serves their CSA customers, while also catering to local groceries…
Visit Oxen Hill’s Website

Phoenix Fruit

Phoenix Fruit Farm has a long history in the community, and has been in orchard production since 1963.
Visit Phoenix Fruit Farm’s website

Full Moon Ghee

Ghee is clarified butter—a lactose-free, shelf-stable, high-heat cooking oil with origins in ancient India. To make our ghee, we begin with butter that comes from healthy…
Visit Full Moon Ghee’s Website


Herrell’s homemade hot fudge is made in small batches from scratch, using the exact same recipe they’re been ladling onto their award-winning ice cream at their ice cream.
Visit Herrell’s Website