Welcome to the Racial Justice Work at the Franklin County CDC

The Franklin County Community Development Corporation’s goal is to develop a learning community that will dismantle White supremacy systems, beliefs, and cultures in Franklin County’s business community.

In all we do to fulfill our mission, we aim to weave racial justice into all of our work to stimulate a
more vital rural economy, to maximize community control over our future economic destiny, and to expand opportunities for
low- and moderate-income residents.


Racial Justice
Reflective Journey

This Racial Justice Reflective Journey was designed to help businesses understand and address structural racism within their organization. In developing it, our team met with 80 community members to gather information and establish a baseline.

The Racial Justice Reflective Journey Team is Frankin County CDC Racial Justice Community Engagement Leader Traci Talbert, Attorney and Franklin County CDC Board Member Tasha Marshall, Bay Path University graduate Elizabeth Goodman, and GCC student Mari Champagne.

rj team
w+B group

The Welcoming and Belonging Group of Franklin County

This group of regional leaders focuses on and examines policies, processes, and practices that systemically impact non-White populations and aims to enhance workplace and community experiences. This group of leaders is committed to creating a more welcoming Franklin County community and is devoted to questioning our community and the role we all play in perpetuating White supremacy and White-dominant culture.


"A Journey from Broad and Spacious to Cramped and Narrow" by Mari Champagne (at left). The painting depicts her vision for racial equity in the Connecticut River Valley.

When hiring, managers tend to ask, “Who will be a good culture FIT?”

Instead, we encourage managers to think about ADDING culture.


Presentations and Workshops on Racial Justice

The Franklin County CDC's Racial Justice Community Engagement Leader can address these topics and more at your workplace. Be in touch to schedule an appointment.

Cancelling Concealed Culture in Higher Education

Nonprofit Culture Dominance: Systemic or Progressive?

Policy and Professionalism: Passion and Compassion